Jim Carpenter Fine Art
"The End Of The Pilgrimage" by Jim Carpenter, Acrylic on Paper, 22" x 30" - In "Degrees of Separation" Melrose Bay Art Gallery, April 22 - May 18, 2014, Melrose, Florida

Artist Statement
I am a water-media artist. I paint on paper both with acrylic and with watercolor.

I paint because I love the creative process. The final product may teach me something about myself, about how I view the world, or about what I care deeply about, and as such each painting stands as a statement intended for me, and, I hope, one that will resonate with others. But it is the “getting there,” the creative process of going from a blank piece of paper to the finished product that fascinates me and keeps me hooked on painting on paper. Although I am always present in the doing, I am still surprised by the way a painting ends.

I am an experimental artist. I paint intuitively, putting paint on the paper and lifting it off, scraping it, carving text into it, spraying it with water and with alcohol, adding more paint, making marks with my fingers, with paper towels, with the end of my brush. This is my “start” and from the chaos that results I find the painting by lifting layers and by adding layers, by adding lines and by subtracting lines. It is this repetitive, intuitive, give-and-take process that captivates me.

Various themes and imagery tend to run throughout my work: the theatre, dance, spirituality, and family. Twelve years of parochial school education, a background in dance, studies of the theatre and a career as a theatre teacher, the practice of Cosmos Qigong, and a deep love for family, all inform that imagery. I paint to explore and to celebrate these things that matter to me. It is my hope that I paint them in a way that reminds the viewers of something that matters deeply to them.