Jim Carpenter Fine Art
The End Of The Pilgrimage by Jim Carpenter, Acrylic Painting on Paper by Jim Carpenter, Gainesville FL

"The End Of The Pilgrimage" by Jim Carpenter
Acrylic on Paper, 22" x 30"

Artist Statement
I am a water-media artist. I paint on paper both with acrylic and with watercolor.

I paint because I love the creative process. The final product may teach me something about myself, about how I view the world, or about what I care deeply about, and as such each painting stands as a statement intended for me, and, I hope, one that will resonate with others. But it is the “getting there,” the creative process of going from a blank piece of paper to the finished product that fascinates me and keeps me hooked on painting on paper. Although I am always present in the doing, I am still surprised by the way a painting ends.